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Technical - Paint Types & Specifications | ColourWorks

Technical – Paint Types & Specifications

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Technical Information - Paint Types & Specifications

Paint Types & Specifications

  • Performance.
  • Slip Resistance.
  • Flexibility.
  • Porosity.
  • Durability.
Two Tone Red Court Brick Red – Inner Dark Green – Outer
Water Based Acrylic Paint – Macadam Surfaces

The majority of Porous Macadam Sports Courts are Colour Coated with Water Based Acrylic Paint formulations, which typically contain acrylic resin, water, oxide pigments, mineral fillers and processing aids. The coatings are normally applied using industrial airless spraying equipment.

(Sports Coatings – Premium – Product Sheet)


  • In most domestic and club situations this type of surface provides a good finish and a durable coating.
  • Formulations have few health & safety concerns during application.


  • In situations of heavy wear or abuse the coating may show signs of premature wear.
  • If applied to medium or dense macadam (low permeability), prolonged exposure to moisture can cause softening of the paint film and rapid wear.
  • Coating needs to be applied in dry warm conditions.

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Solvent Based Polyurethane Paint – Polymeric

These paints form a particularly flexible, hard-wearing and durable coating. Formulated using flexible and highly durable polyurethane technology. Provides optimum longevity when applied to Polymeric Surfaces.

(Sports Coatings – MCP – Product Sheet)



  • Supplied as a single-pack material requiring no mixing on site. The resulting coating is very hard and durable.
  • High durability makes this type of coating suited to areas subjected to high use such as school courts, multi-use games areas (MUGAs) etc.
  • Can be augmented with aluminium oxide aggregate for increased Slip Resistance, as it has the required strength to hold the additional grip in situ on the sports surface after application.
  • They can be applied in less favourable weather conditions than water-based paints (Applied in fine, dry weather and when the substrate temperature is higher than 5°C and likely to remain so for 6-7 hours after application.).


  • Environmental concerns of using a product that dries and cures through solvent evaporation and the potential impact on the atmosphere, operatives and neighbouring properties.
  • Some Polyurethane contain Aromatic based polymers that are susceptible to UV causing “yellowing”. Due to the action of natural light, some colour fade will occur over time.
  • Aliphatic Polyurethanes are more expensive than the more common Aromatic Polyurethanes, they suffer less from discolouration due to UV attack.
  • They also offer better physical properties in some cases but are regarded more as a “Special” than an everyday polyurethane. Used in some Solvent based Moisture Cure Polyurethanes (MCP).
Water Based Polyurethane Paint – Macadam

These are paint coatings designed to have the benefits of solvent-based polyurethane but without some of the environmental disadvantages. Applied to Porous Macadam Sports Courts & MUGAs that require durability and high levels of grip.

(Sports Coatings – Excel -Product Sheet)


  • Much improved durability over water-based acrylic paints.
  • Can be augmented with aluminium oxide aggregate for increased Slip Resistance, as it has the required strength to hold the additional grip in situ on the sports surface after application.


  • Some minor cracking of the macadam surface can occur due to the differential in the thermal expansion rates of macadam and the paint film.
  • Great care needs to be taken to ensure that the correct amount of paint is applied to the macadam.
Selection of Paint Coatings & Binders

The correct choice of Colour Coating and Binders are essential if the Court is to have the level and combination of Performance, Slip Resistance, Porosity and Durability.

Factors that need to be considered include:

  • Intensity of use – a court subjected to high usage will cause the coating to wear more rapidly than a court used only occasionally.
  • Types of footwear that will be worn by players – the use of sports shoes with pronounced tread patterns will cause rapid abrasion of the colour coating.
  • Potential for contamination of the surface from debris (leaf litter, foot trafficking dirt etc. and atmospheric pollution) – the movement of grit will abrade the coating.
  • Proximity of trees – sap from trees can cause premature failure of the coatings.
Solvent Based Surface Binder

Surface Binder is a clear moisture curing polyurethane resin that forms a strong flexible film within the interstices of the porous asphalt of the court.

Binder penetrates the substrate and cures to reinforce and strengthen the bitumen binder without adversely affecting the porosity. Solvent base gives maximum Penetration, Excellent Adhesion and Flexibility.

Binder may be applied to old or new porous asphalt or macadam and in both cases will reduce the softening effect of high ambient temperature as well as strengthening the court.

Binder is often applied to old fretting tarmac surfaces to bind and strengthen prior to the application of Colour Coatings.

Binder is also regularly used to treat new surfaces to reduce the effect of high temperatures and to increase the adhesion and subsequent life of the surface coatings.

(Sports Coatings – Binder – Product Sheet)

Method of Application

Colour Coatings & Binders are applied by means of Airless Sprayers. Pressures will depend on many factors but will typically be between 2,500 and 5,500 psi. The tip size is carefully selected to ensure correct atomisation of the coating (28 thou. being typical) and a uniform spray fan with a feathered edge so that there are minimal discernible lines on the painted surface.

(More Information – Technical Info. – Painting Considerations)

Our Paint Supplier

We use Everlac – Sports Coatings, a specialist manufacturer based in Suffolk. They produce a high quality range of paints & binders with different characteristics. Using the best in modern coatings technology and utilising the detailed knowledge of the needs of the contractor and player.

Products are manufactured in their own factory under stringent conditions of quality control by specialised personnel. Product development at Sports Coatings is customer driven. Brighter pigmentation, more durable resins, and the introduction of water-based polyurethane resins, giving longer, harder wearing coatings.

Everlac – Sports Coatings are prominent members of the Sports and Play Construction Association (SAPCA).

(Visit – www.sportscoatings.com)

Virtually every coating contains four basic components:

  • Binder, Resin, or Polymer—holds together the other components prior to application and forms a protective film on the surface.
  • Pigment—fine solid particles that hide the surface providing decorative colors and sometimes corrosion resistance.
  • Solvent—helps the flow of the coating material and aids in application.
  • Additives—in general, additives in coatings are to improve some properties of the coating once it is cured.
Available Colours

We have a standard range of colours held permanently in stock.

(More Information – Technical Info. – Paint Colours & Combinations)

Technical Information - Paint Types & Specifications