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Outdoor - Tennis Courts - Tennis Court Painting - England - Wales - Scotland | ColourWorks

Outdoor – Tennis Courts – Tennis Court Painting – England – Wales – Scotland

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Outdoor Sports Surfaces - Tennis Courts

Colour Coating & Lining Tennis Courts

  • ColourWorks – Paint & Line all Tennis Court Surfaces.
  • Refurbish existing Tennis Courts
  • Use high quality Acrylic & Polyurethane Paints.
  • Colour Coatings all have the required Slip Resistance.
  • Apply Polyurethane Surface Binders where required.
Types of Tennis Court Surfaces

Porous Macadam Tennis Courts
Porous Macadam allows water to drain through it, meaning it can be played on in most weather conditions year round. In the UK today, macadam courts are still the most predominant types of sports court. Porous macadam courts have been built in large numbers since the mid 1970s. The porous nature of the macadam is considered more suitable for the UK climate.

Consist of a permeable foundation of broken, graded stone, on which is laid the macadam base course and macadam wearing course (or playing surface). The macadam normally consists of 6mm stone which results in an open porous surface, that allows water to drain through.

(Visit – ITF – Building a Macadam Court)

Courts may then be Colour Coated with a specific coloured, water based acrylic or polyurethane surface coating, to improve aesthetics and the playing environment. The play lines are then painted onto the coloured surface.

(More Information – Technical Info. – Painting Considerations)

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Non-Porous Acrylic Tennis Courts
Consist of an impermeable foundation of crushed, graded stone topped with one or two courses of dense asphalt or concrete. This foundation is then coated with a number of applications of coloured, acrylic surfacing compound.

To improve comfort “cushioned” layers may be sandwiched between the foundation and the acrylic surfacing layers. Play-lines are painted on the surface. The courts surface is completely impervious and if used outdoors rainwater may take some time, especially in the UK climate, to run off and evaporate.

(More Information – Installation – Non-Porous Acrylic)

Polymeric Tennis Courts

These have a soft flexible surface constructed from a sheet or in situ laid surface, formed from rubber or EPDM bound together with a binder (normally polyurethane). The surface then may be overlaid with a thin ‘structure coat’ for additional strength.

It is important that these surfaces are colour coated and lined with the correct paint to ensure they achieve the required Slip Resistance.

(More Information – Outdoor Sports Surfaces – Polymeric)

Artificial Grass Surfaces
There are many different types of synthetic turf construction with a range of properties and advantages and disadvantages.

Variables include the polymer used for the fibre yarn, the cross-sectional area of the individual ribbons of fibre, the method of carpet manufacture, the pile height and pile density.

(More Information – Outdoor – Artificial Grass)

Clay & Synthetic Clay Surfaces

An increasing number of surfaces are being introduced to the market that are designed to have the playing qualities of clay but without the climatic limitations and demands for high levels of maintenance.

(More Information – Installation – Artificial Clay)

Tennis Court Painting – Applying Colour Coatings

We apply Colour Coatings or Binders using Airless Sprayers
These produce a uniform spray fan with feathered edges. This results in excellent coverage with minimal discernible lines on the painted surface.

Two coats of paint are applied, the second coat is applied at 90 degrees to the first to ensure an even finish with no patches.

(More Information – Maintenance – Re-Painting Older Courts)

(More Information – Technical Info. – Painting Considerations)

Types of Colour Coatings

Water Based Textured Acrylic
These textured specialised paints are normally applied to Tennis Courts. They are the standard coating for macadam surfaces that are in good condition.

Solvent Based Polyurethane
These solvent based paints provide a particularly flexible, hard-wearing and durable coating. Specific to sports surfaces they contain texturing agents for the necessary grip and slip resistance.

Formulated using flexible and highly durable polyurethane technology. Provides optimum longevity when applied to Polymeric Surfaces.

Polyurethane Surface Binders.
These are used to strengthen an ageing macadam surface, or where an area is used intensively (e.g. Multi Use Games Areas – MUGAs).

Binders can be applied to old fretting tarmac surfaces to bind and strengthen prior to the application of Colour Coating.

(More Information – Maintenance – Surface Binder)

Available Colours
We have a standard range of colours held permanently in stock, these are:

Slip Resistance
Texturing Agents are added to the paint coatings to provide the recommended level of grip in dry, wet and damp conditions.

All Colour Coatings and Sports Lines must contain texture to ensure they attain the required Slip Resistance.

(More Information – Technical Info. – Slip Resistance)

Outdoor Sports Surfaces - Tennis Courts