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Outdoor - Polymeric | ColourWorks

Outdoor – Polymeric

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Outdoor Sports Surfaces - Polymeric (Rubber)

Colour Coatings & Sports Lines on Polymeric Surfaces

  • ColourWorks – Spray Textured Polyurethane Coatings.
  • Apply Sports Lines using Two Pack Polyurethane Line Paint.
  • Strong & Flexible Coatings designed to adhere to Soft Surfaces.
  • Colour Coatings and Sports Lines provide¬†required Slip Resistance.
White Handball Lines - Yellow Netball Lines - Blue 5-a-side Ds applied to Polymeric Surface
Polymeric Surfaces

Soft Surfaced Courts & Play Areas
Normally consist of a Permeable Foundation of crushed, graded stone, topped with Porous Macadam. The polyurethane surface is then applied directly to the macadam, or to a polyurethane and rubber cushion layer.

Polymeric surfaces are formed from a complex mix of polyurethane binders and rubber granules with a top coating. The materials are either mixed on site and laid as a wet pour material, normally through a small paving machine, (although hand laying is sometimes used) onto a macadam base or supplied in factory produced rolls that are bonded to a macadam base.

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Colour Coating & Sports Lining
When installed the resulting rubber surface may be colour coated to improve appearance, additional texture is normally added to provide the high degree of slip resistance required by sports such as tennis and netball. Play lines are normally applied using a compatible polyurethane paint.

At present only Solvent based Polyurethane Paints possesses the inherent strength and necessary flexibility required to adhere correctly to a Polymeric Surface.

Maintenance Requirements
Polymeric courts also have periodic maintenance requirements. A newly laid surface should give firm foothold and good medium-paced ball speed.

As the surface is used over the years, however, it will become smoother and more polished and this may result in increased ball speed and some impairment of grip when the surface is damp.

When this happens it is time for the surface to be re-painted. Normally this may need to be carried out every four years. It can only usually be carried out on three occasions before the surface water infiltration rates are reduced below an acceptable standard.

Polyurethane Paints

Polyurethane Colour Coatings
These solvent based paints provide a particularly flexible, hard-wearing and durable coating. Specific to sports surfaces they contain texturing agents for the necessary grip and slip resistance.

Formulated using flexible and highly durable polyurethane technology. Provides optimum longevity when applied to Polymeric Surfaces.

We apply these specialist coatings using our Airless Sprayers to ensure a consistent and even coating without compromising the porosity of the polymeric surface.

(More Information – Technical Info. – Paint Types & Specs.)

Available Colours
We have a standard range of colours held permanently in stock, these are:

  • Dark Green.
  • Standard Green (Light Green).
  • Brick Red.
  • Other Stock Colours such as Blues.
  • Bespoke Colours available at extra cost.

(More Information – Technical Info. – Paint Colours & Combinations)

Polyurethane Lining Paint

For flexible polymeric (rubber) surfaces, we apply dual component solvent based polyurethane, consisting of a paint component and a hardener that cures the paint when the two are mixed.

Curing is by means of a chemical reaction, therefore, it can normally be applied in dry weather provided the surface temperature is > 6C, otherwise the paint will not cure.

Polyurethane paint is inherently more flexible and therefore bonds well.

Slip Resistance
For Polymeric Surfaces it is vital that Texturing Agents are added to the paint coatings to provide the recommended level of grip in dry, wet and damp conditions.

(More Information – Technical Info. – Slip Resistance)