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Outdoor - MUGAs | ColourWorks

Outdoor – MUGAs

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Outdoor - MUGAs & Netball

Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) & Netball Courts

  • ColourWorks – Colour Coat all Sports Surfaces
  • Apply the required Sports Markings.
  • Durable Coatings to help strengthen MUGA surface.
  • Additional Grip for increased Slip Resistance.
Multi Use Games Area - Durham
Netball Courts

Netball Courts
Netball is the number one participation sport after football. Due to the nature of play, the surface of Netball Courts is subject to greater wear and normally require a higher Slip Resistance than required for Tennis Courts.

Netball Courts normally require a higher slip resistance than Tennis Courts. This should be in excess of 75 TRRL for a Netball Court, whereas a Tennis Court is around 60 TRRL.

Therefore, we recommend the application of Water Based Polyurethane with additional aluminium oxide aggregate incorporated in the coating to produce the correct level of slip resistance combined with a tough paint surface.

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Types of Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs)

Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs)
Small sized areas used primarily for playing and practicing a variety of sports. They will normally be enclosed with a ball stop fence.

Playing surfaces might be Macadam, Porous Concrete, Polymeric or Artificial Grass. MUGAs can provide a cost effective resource for schools and have a wide range of sporting uses.

However, it is this range of use which requires facilities to be multi-purpose and this in turn leads to a need for compromise, particularly in terms of dimensions and the playing characteristics of the surface.

6mm Open Textured Porous Macadam
Type 1 MUGA – Used for ball rebound sports where tennis is the priority and sports such as mini-tennis, netball and basketball are secondary users.

Type 2 MUGA – Used for ball rebound sports where netball is the priority and sports such as tennis, mini-tennis and basketball are secondary users.

Polymeric Surfaced Areas
Type 3 MUGA – Used for ball rebound sports where netball is the priority and sports such as tennis, mini-tennis and basketball are secondary users.

Type 4 MUGA – Used for five-a-side football, basketball and general sports and recreational training and play. Due to their greater shock absorbency and lower surface friction these areas are not recommended for tennis.

Artificial Grass
Type 5 MUGA – Used for sports such as modified hockey and five-a-side football.

Colour Coatings

Paint Specifications for MUGAs & Netball Courts
The majority are painted with polyurethane paint formulations.

(More Information – Technical Info. – Paint Types & Specifications)

Available Colours
We normally spray Polyurethane Coatings that strengthen the MUGA surface and give the durability that will be required for the inevitable heavy usage. Sports Markings required are then painted onto the coated surface.

We have a standard range of colours held permanently in stock, these are:

  • Dark Green.
  • Standard Green (Light Green).
  • Brick Red.
  • US Blue.

(More Information – Technical Info. – Paint Colours & Combinations)

Slip Resistance
Texturing agents are added to the paint coatings to provide the recommended level of grip in dry, wet and damp conditions.

Additional Grip needs to be added into the coating prior to application to provide increased levels of Slip Resistance of >75 if required.

  • Type 1 MUGA – Slip Resistance > 60
  • Type 2 MUGA – Slip Resistance > 75
  • Type 3 MUGA – Slip Resistance > 75
  • Type 4 MUGA – Slip Resistance > 60

(More Information – Technical Info. – Slip Resistance)

For more information on Outdoor Sport Surfaces;

(Visit – Sport England – Outdoor Sports Surfaces)

For more information on Netball Facilities;

(Visit – All England Netball Association)

Outdoor - MUGAs & Netball