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Outdoor - Sports Lines & Graphics | ColourWorks

Outdoor – Sports Lines & Graphics

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Outdoor - Sports Lines & Playground Graphics

Applying Sports Lines & Playground Graphics

  • ColourWorks – Apply Sports Markings onto any Sports Surface.
  • Sports Lines only or in addition to Colour Coating.
  • Bright Vivid Colours that can be painted onto a Variety of Surfaces.
  • Design, Layout & Apply a Range of Playground Graphics.
  • Apply Thermoplastic Playground Graphics.
Sports Lining

Lines are applied using a variety of methods such as spray, brush or roller. Lines are normally applied using a specific line paint. The resulting lines are bright, straight and have a sharp, defined edge. Dependent on the condition of the surface.

As lines form part of the playing area they should satisfy the slip resistance criteria for the court.

The line marking paints we use are durable and conform to the relevant non-slip standard.

Macadam Surfaces
For clean macadam surfaces, we apply water based acrylic. This requires warm dry weather for application and in order to dry (Normally April – October). Acrylic line paint is:

  • Highly Durable
  • Meets the required Slip Resistance standards.
  • Fungi & Algae resistant.

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Polymeric Surfaces
For flexible polymeric (rubber) surfaces, we apply dual component solvent based polyurethane, consisting of a paint component and a hardener that cures the paint when the two are mixed.

Curing is by means of a chemical reaction, therefore, it can normally be applied in dry weather provided the surface temperature is > 6C, otherwise the paint will not cure. These paints are:

  • Designed for the extra Adhesion & Flexibility that polymeric surfaces require.
  • Meets the required Slip Resistance standards.
  • Extremely Tough and Durable.
  • Available as Smooth, Extra and Full texture.

Artificial Grass Surfaces

Play lines can either be painted onto the playing surface, tufted or inlaid.

Tufted lines are incorporated into the carpet during production and are an integral part of the carpet.

Inlaid lines are normally cut into the carpet during installation. They provide permanent markings that reduce on-going maintenance costs.
(However, where lines are cut in, the resulting join/seam in the carpet becomes a potential weak point)

Painted lines can give greater flexibility to the use of the area and reduce the amount of seams that would be required for complex lining schemes. However, they require to be regularly reapplied.

(More Information – Outdoor – Artificial Grass)

Our Services

Applying New Sports Lines
We apply the complete range of sports markings in any standard colour.

Lines can be applied either directly to the surface or in addition to any colour coating.

Line markings are applied in accordance with the rules of the appropriate sport or to the dimensions specified by the client.

Rejuvenating Sports Lines
Repainting sports lines can be used as a cost efficient way of rejuvenating a sports area. Providing the surface to be lined is sufficiently clean and reasonably sound.

Standard line paint colours are; 

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Black
  • Orange.

Temporary Lines
Temporary lines can be applied using aerosol line paint as an interim measure.

Normally applied if courts are required for use before circumstances or weather conditions (i.e. Winter) permit the application of more durable permanent lines.

The use of aerosol paint cans for permanent lines is not recommended due to the low values of slip resistance usually achieved and their poor durability.

Playground Graphics

Graphics for Children’s Playground
Children’s personal, social and health education skills can be aided by the inclusion of stimulating games and graphics painted on the playground surface. Whether you require simple hopscotch, numerical / alphabet / geometric based games, or even a large snakes & ladders board, we offer a variety of designs that can be tailored to your requirements.

Sports Markings for Playgrounds
Play Areas for primary schools are usually much smaller than those of secondary schools and are normally based on multi-purpose facilities. Much of both curricular and extra-curricular activity is informal. Formal games are for the most part, ‘mini’ versions of the sports played at secondary schools.

Road Safety Markings
Road markings for cycling proficiency training schemes can be applied within school playgrounds.

Planning Playground Schemes
Children may use certain areas of the playground for specific games. It is important to identify these in advance of planning and marking the playground. It is advisable to avoid marking areas which are already well used, or to incorporate markings which will enhance the games already being played in that area.

This information can be obtained by:
• asking groups of children what games they play and where.
• observing play during break times and lunch times.

Pupils will have a wealth of ideas for games and markings for the playground. It can be very useful to tap into these ideas, although it should be explained to the children that it probably won’t be possible to include all of their ideas on the finished plan. Ideas could be obtained in the following ways:

Pupils could be asked to draw or list their ideas as a classroom exercise; or to share their ideas in class discussion.

A competition could be held in which pupils submit designs with a commitment to reproducing one suitable design on the playground.

Pupils could be provided with chalk and invited to draw their suggestions in the appropriate place on the playground.

Thermoplastic Graphics

Thermoplastic v’s Painted Graphics
Thermoplastic Graphics are normally much harder wearing and longer lasting than those applied using the correct sports lining paint (especially in areas exposed to high foot traffic).

Graphics are normally set out and then melted onto the macadam surface using a propane torch. On cooling the graphics are safe to be trafficked. This has the advantage that thermoplastic graphics can be applied in more marginal weather conditions.

As the graphics are normally in kit form, they are usually easy to set out and apply, without the setting out and masking required for painting.

However, thermoplastic lines can be slippery when damp (Additional grip is normally sprinkled on top at the time of application). Graphics are raised slightly above the macadam surface and if poorly applied can even present a trip hazard.

Thermoplastic Playground Graphics
We can apply thermoplastic playground graphics that come in template form or can be constructed using various preformed components.

Our Thermoplastic Graphics are supplied by Thermmark UK. They have an extensive selection of bright and varied Graphics.

(Visit – Therrmark UK)

Outdoor - Sports Lines & Playground Graphics