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Outdoor - Artificial Grass | ColourWorks

Outdoor – Artificial Grass

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Outdoor Sports Surfaces - Artificial Grass

Applying Sports Lines to Artificial Grass

  • ColourWorks – Spray Sports Lines onto Artificial Grass Surfaces.
  • Apply Sports Lines using specifically designed Line Paint.
  • Line Paints combine Flexibility & Strength to adhere to AG Surfaces.
Tennis Lines painted on Artificial Grass Football Pitch
Artificial Grass Surfaces

There are many different types of synthetic turf construction with a range of properties and advantages and disadvantages.

Variables include the polymer used for the fibre yarn, the cross-sectional area of the individual ribbons of fibre, the method of carpet manufacture, the pile height and pile density.

Two principal designs are; those with a vertical pile of tufted, woven or knitted construction that is supported with a sand filling or rubber crumb (3G) dressing and those with an interlocking pile of needle-punch construction that are also filled or dressed with sand.

The majority of synthetic turf pitches are surfaced with tufted sand filled carpets. Experience has shown this form of carpet to have good durability and performance. Sand-dressed carpets have a shorter, denser pile than the standard filled systems with a reduced quantity of sand fill and are primarily suited for MUGAs where hockey is the primary sport.

Needle-punched carpets offer benefits of increased sand stability within the pile and higher drainage characteristics.

Painted Lines v’s Inlaid Lines

Play lines can either be Tufted, Inlaid or Painted onto the playing surface.

Tufted lines are incorporated into the carpet during production and are an integral part of the carpet.

Inlaid lines are cut into the carpet during installation. They provide permanent markings that reduce on-going maintenance costs.
(However, where lines are cut in, the resulting join/seam in the carpet becomes a potential weak point)

Painted lines can give greater flexibility to the use of the area and reduce the amount of seams that would be required for complex lining schemes.

However, the disadvantage is they require to be regularly reapplied.

In-laid/tufted lines are generally recommended for all main pitch markings, paint being used when temporary alternative markings are required.

Painted Lines on Artificial Grass

The longevity of painted lines on Artificial Grass (AG) is difficult to quantify.
There are a number of variables that effect how the paint adheres to the grass.

AG surfaces retain moisture longer than hard surfaces and subsequently take longer to dry out sufficiently to provide a completely dry surface for the paint to adhere.

New AG surfaces may have a waxy coating following production. It is also now designed to have lower friction to reduce friction burns, this can make it difficult for the paint to fully adhere properly.

The surface of an older AG pitch is more worn, in many cases this provides a better key for the paint and as a result it adheres better and the longevity of the lines increase.

Sand dressed AG lines normally wear faster due to the abrasive effects of the sand.

In our experience, 2 Pack Polyurethane will always outlast Water Based Acrylic and can in many cases may last in excess of 12 months.

However, any painted line on AG will eventually fade as the paint coating wears off over time. Environmental, maintenance and intensity will all obviously affect the life of the painted lines.

Our Services

There are two types of paint we can apply with our lining machine to Artificial Grass.

Water Based Acrylic – This is the cheaper option. However, the disadvantages are it requires warm dry weather for application and in order to dry (Normally April – October). It is a relatively brittle coating that does not bond very well to flexible surfaces such as rubber and Artificial Grass making it less durable (in some cases this is a desired feature where lines are only required for seasonal games.)

Two Pack Polyurethane – This is the more expensive option due to the price of the paint. The advantages are more opportunity for application as it cures chemically, therefore can be applied in dry weather provided the surface temperature is > 6C, otherwise the paint will not cure. As it is polyurethane the paint is inherently more flexible and bonds well.

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Available Colours

We have a standard range of colours held permanently in stock, these are:

  • White.
  • Yellow.
  • Blue.
  • Red.

Other Colours available on Request.

Introduction of Artificial Grass Pitches

Visit the sites below for further information on the continuing introduction of AG pitches.

Outdoor Sports Surfaces - Artificial Grass