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Maintenance - Cleaning | ColourWorks

Maintenance – Cleaning

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Surface Maintenance - Cleaning

Moss Treating & Pressure Washing Sports Surfaces

  • ColourWorks – Treat & Clean a wide variety of Sports Courts.
  • Possess the required Specialist Knowledge, Experience & Equipment.
  • Cleaning is the only sure way to remove Moss, Algae and Detritus.
  • Restore the Court’s Appearance.
  • Improve Drainage & Slip Resistance.
  • Essential Preparation for Re-Painting.
Surface Cleaning

Chemical Treatment of Moss & Algae
Moss grows most vigorously on a shaded or damp surface, especially during mild winters or very wet summers. In these situations, treatment is required on a regular basis.

Water based chemical treatment should be applied methodically to kill moss and algae growth. Carried out either prior to cleaning or on a regular basis to control growth. Avoid using iron / ferrous based products as they will eventually cause a rusty discolouration of the coated surface.

Surface Cleaning
Thorough and systematic pressurised cleaning is required to remove dead moss, algae and detritus from within a surface. If the surface is porous macadam this will also greatly improve surface drainage and help restore the grip.

Subsequent painting, if carried out correctly, should not adversely effect its porosity.

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Types of Tennis Courts & MUGAs

Macadam and Porous Concrete Facilities
Macadam facilities are hard wearing and require relatively little maintenance. The main requirements are to keep the area free from debris, prevent moss and algae forming and ensure that the pores of the surface do not become clogged.

Non Porous Acrylic Facilities
Non porous concrete courts are normally hard wearing and need very little maintenance. However, it is critical that the required specialist maintenance procedures and cleaning are carried out if the court is to remain in good condition.

Polymeric Surfaced Facilities
Polymeric surfaces are comparatively easy to maintain, keeping the surface clean being the only routine maintenance that the court surface should require.

Synthetic Grass surfaced Facilities
Maintenance of artificial grass courts is particularly important. Neglecting the recommended schedule could have serious long-term consequences even if, in the shorter term, the court does not appear to suffer.

Surface Maintenance

Surface Maintenance

If a porous court’s surface is not regularly maintained, the pores within the surface will eventually become clogged with fine silt and dirt.

This will obviously prevent the court from draining correctly and will provide a growth medium and conditions that will allow moss and algae to flourish.

As a result, the surface will no longer be free draining and will be extremely slippery underfoot in damp conditions. The reduced slip resistance and lack of surface grip will at least affect play in damp conditions or at worst cause players to slip and injure themselves.

If dirt is allowed to accumulate and moss & algae are able to flourish. This will eventually cause premature deterioration of the colour coating and damage to the playing surface, which will eventually disintegrate over time.

Effective routine maintenance cannot be over emphasised. The old adage of ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ can be applied to surface maintenance and can help prevent unnecessary remedial work being required to repair the playing surface.

The routine maintenance requirements for MUGAs and Tennis courts will vary according to the type of surface finish.

Programming Cleaning

  • Pressure washing can obviously be undertaken under most conditions including rain.
  • Chemical Treatment can be carried out in damp conditions, but not in persistent rain.
  • Ideally cleaning & treatment should be carried out in autumn or early spring, thus ensuring the courts are ready for use for the beginning of the main playing season.


  • Single court normally takes 1 – 2 days to clean.
  • Require easy access to a nearby water supply, ideally this should be an outdoor tap, capable of providing a suitable volume of water for our pressure washers.
  • We have sufficient hose to cover distances of up to 100 metres from any nearby supply.
Typical Maintenance Schedule

Daily – at the end of the day’s play. Ensure the net is slackened and rolled up in the middle & shut gates.

Weekly – Sweep or blow leaves, rubbish etc. from court.

Early Spring and/or Autumn – Kill moss & algae

Annually or Biannually -Thorough pressure cleaning.

Every 4 – 6 Years – Clean and Repaint playing surface.

(More Information – Technical Info. – Maintenance)

Surface Maintenance - Cleaning