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Installation - Seamless Polyurethane Floors | ColourWorks

Installation – Seamless Polyurethane Floors

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Surface Installation - Seamless Polyurethane Floors

Installing – Seamless Polyurethane Floors

  • ColourWorks – Install Cushioned Seamless PU Floors.
  • Cushioned for joint comfort.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Perfect level playing surface.
  • Easy Installation over existing surfaces.
Preparing for Seamless PU Floor
Seamless Polyurethane Floors

Seamless polyurethane flooring is rapidly growing as a choice for indoor flooring and especially sports floors throughout the world.

Normally consists of a base formed by rubber shock pad glued to the underlying surface. Then a thin coat of Polyurethane compound spread over the top. After the Polyurethane (PU) compound has hardened it can be painted to provide additional grip and protection for the floor.

It is completely seamless from wall to wall and comletely level therefore making it easy to clean and maintain and the ideal playing surface.

With our seamless sports flooring you can choose from a number of colours so that you can personalise your sports hall or gym floor.

Seamless polyurethane sports surfaces can have court markings applied to the surface for playing many different sports.

Polyurethane sports flooring has a slight cushion effect to it so it will help prevent against any ligament and joint damage.

It can be colour coated for optimum grip for playing almost any sport.

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Advantages of Seamless PU Sports Floors

Seamless Polyurethane (PU) sports flooring can produce one of the best sports surfaces for playing a number of different sports.

It can be modified to provide high grip surface with a cushioned base making it perfect for a multi-sports or specific sports.

Polyurethane flooring is also one of the cheapest options when looking for new sports floor. It also has the benefit of being able to resurface at a later date for a fraction of the price as you do not need to remove the old sports floor.

Seamless polyurethane sports flooring is also very hygienic as it is easy to clean from it being a flat surface with no seams for dirt to get stuck in. Seamless sports floors are also low maintenance as they are not like typical sports floors where they need to be resealed every 3-5 years.

Another factor in choosing of seamless polyurethane sports surface is that there is a choice of colours for the playing surface. For tennis polyurethane (PU) sports flooring we can improve the slip resistance to provide even more grip for the players.

Installation of Seamless PU Floors

ColourWorks can install shock pads and seamless PU surfaces. We can colour coat, augment grip and apply lines to the finished PU surface.

Polyurethane is ideal for use in today’s multi-purpose facilities where sport is played to a high standard and the floor is in constant use. The seamless surface is available in a selection of striking classic and design colours to create a unique aesthetic for every facility. Appearance and performance can be tailored to each project, specifically to meet the client’s requirements.

Unlike Other synthetic surfaces Polyurethane is a resin that is poured on site with no welds or join marks visible on the finished surface. Furthermore it is completely unique in that the flooring can be sanded and re-poured to create very long life-cycles.

It is even possible to change the colour of your floor mid life cycle (imagine a floor that has been green for 20 years can be become blue, grey or red. When re-poured the surface will look new once again.

PU is easy to maintain and has non-porous and hygienic properties.

We can provide point, area, combined and mixed elastic sports systems all with surfaces of high mechanical strength and superior durability.  Whether for professional sport, specialist dance or even roller hockey – we have a surface to suite your requirements.

Repairing & Refurbishing Seamless PU Floors

Although seamless sports floors are very strong and long lasting, polyurethane flooring will still need to be repaired and refurbished after a number of years.

We can carry out small repairs to a damaged area to resurfacing the whole sports floor. An advantage to having a seamless sports floor is that you can resurface an old and damaged looking floor into a brand new sports hall (unlike a vinyl floor).

We can resurface your seamless floor with a new colour or the same colour as well as repainting on any court markings you had or now require.

Being able to resurface and refurbish a seamless synthetic sports floor is very cost effective and prevents less upheaval to your planned bookings.

Flooring for Indoor Firing Ranges

Seamless polyurethane flooring is also an ideal choice for indoor rifle/shooting range floors.

The shock-absorbing and noise-reducing seamless construction allows for easy cleanup of empty cylinders and powder residue when firing is completed.

The elastic surface consists of thin coats of polyurethane applied over top of a rubber base mat and is available in a variety of thicknesses and colours.

The floor offers a comfortable surface that firers can shoot on for hours, while at the same time effectively absorbing all projectiles and fragmentations. 

Surface Installation - Seamless Polyurethane Floors