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Installation - Non Porous Acrylic | ColourWorks

Installation – Non Porous Acrylic

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Surface Installation - Non Porous Acrylic

Installing – Non Porous Acrylic Sports Surfaces – Plexipave

  • We install Plexipave Acrylic Courts.
  • Courts installed Indoors or Outdoors.
  • Multiple acrylic layers provide a Firm, Uniform & Durable surface.
  • Available in a variety of popular Colour Schemes.
  • Formulated for use over Macadam and Concrete.

(Video courtesy of Plexipave NZ)

Non Porous Acrylic

Non Porous Acrylic
This type of surface is used throughout the tennis-playing world. Traditionally formed by multiple manual applications by means of a squeegee, to spread layers of coloured acrylic or resin materials on an impervious (non porous) macadam or concrete base.

The surface’s playing characteristics makes it suitable for all standards of play, up to the highest levels of competition (US and Australian Opens). The surface encourages and rewards good playing technique and so is also ideally suited for all levels of coaching and training.

In the UK this type of surface is normally found within indoor facilities and LTA Performance Centres.

Outdoor Courts
The impervious nature of the surface does mean that on outdoor courts during periods of rainfall, surface water or puddles will form which will normally prevent play from continuing. Before play can recommence this must be cleared and can be achieve with the use of specific drying aids such as squeegees.

The decision to install an impervious acrylic court outdoors in the UK climate therefore needs careful consideration.

Surface Speed
The speed of the surface is controlled by texturing agents incorporated into the surface; the coarser the texturing agent the slower the pace of the court.

It is often favoured as a middle ground – being faster than clay courts, but slower than grass and is often described as offering a true bounce for the benefit of hard-serving players who prefer a fast-paced match.

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Acrylic Courts provide a seamless surface, free of seams and weak spots that can make other surfaces vulnerable to deterioration and extreme weather conditions.

The surface has the ability to ‘breathe’ without losing its bond to the original underlying surface; the coating should be UV-stable.

Compared with other court options Acrylic Courts can be relatively low maintenance. Also cost effective because it can be resurfaced without the expense of first removing the old surface.


Plexipave UK are the exclusive authorised agent and installer for Plexipave in the UK & Ireland

Plexipave is considered one of the world’s leading Acrylic Tennis Court Surface. Plexipave is one of California Sports Surfaces best known products.

Plexipave is a Multi-layer Acrylic Coating, the final product is richly coloured – ideal for indoor or outdoors courts. Capable of reacting to bounce and spin accurately, also the speed of the surface can be customised according to court requirements.

This is one of the reasons why Plexipave is the most popular choice for court installations all over the world. Used at the US & Australian Tennis Opens.

(More Information – Plexipave UK – Plexipave)


Plexipave products are supplied and installed by Plexipave UK. Our experienced and specialist applicators are part of Plexipave’s network of international agents that shares a commitment to quality products and excellent customer service.

We install:

  • Plexipave and Plexicushion systems are advanced tennis surfacing systems designed to provide players with the highest levels of surface performance for competition and cushioning for safe training.
  • Since the mid-1980’s we’ve installed in many of the indoor centres in the UK including L.T.A. International High Performance Centres and High Performance Centres.

Every facility has its own unique requirements. Plexipave can be customised to suit climactic conditions; environmental circumstances; client needs and expectations.

Plexipave products can be applied over macadam or concrete; used to upgrade existing acrylic surfaces, protecting the underlying surface. The number of layers determines the desired effect: For example, greater player comfort is achieved by adding Plexicushion underlay (another popular California Products Corporation innovation).

Surface Installation - Non Porous Acrylic