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Cocos Kustoms - CNC Machining | ColourWorks


March 2017

Cocos Kustoms – CNC Machining

Scotland Badge on VW Beetle - Cocos Kustoms

Colin Nicol (aka Coco)
At age 16 Coco began customising an old beetle. So began his connection with air cooled Volkswagens.

His unique appreciation for engineering, clean lines, symmetry and attention to detail culminated in “Otis”. Otis is the “Brown & White” VW Type 1 Split Screen Samba featured in the videos. It went on to win numerous awards and has featured at Carfest North.

During the build for Otis, while still working as a mechanic at Western Mercedes, many other ideas continued to develop, the desire to be designing, fabricating and building one offs could not be fulfilled. It was only a matter of time before that desire had to be channeled and Cocos Kustoms was born.

Coco left Mercedes to set up his own workshop in East Calder – Klasse Series Automotive, specialising in maintaining Mercedes, BMW & Mini.

In addition, his customising talents are given free reign at the Coco’s Kustoms side of the business.

Cocos Kustoms - Otis - Award Winning Type 1 VW BusInterior of Otis - VW Type 1 Van


ColourWorks Connection
Coco discovered our existence through a friend. He then popped down to the Unit to see whether we could Shot Blast and Powder Coat an old VW engine stand. We gave Coco a quick tour of the Unit and our facilities. Needless to say his eyes lit up and you could literally hear the creative cogs whirring in his head!

A few weeks later he returned with an idea to produce a vintage looking Scotland badge that wouldn’t look out of place on a classic vehicle.

After much trial and error we came up with a Scotland badge cut and engraved on the HAAS CNC Mill. We were able to Powder Coat in various colours. Also we could vary the engraving to personalise a badge if required.

Other ideas we have realised include:

  • Engraved VW Jacking Cap Covers
  • Scotland – England – Wales – Ireland Badges
  • Wheel Bearing Covers
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Rear Light Grills
  • Aluminium Wiper Holder – “One Eyed Duck”
  • Shot Blasting old and corroded parts.
  • Powder Coating Wheels & Parts
  • Mercedes V6 Engine Table

Cocos Kustoms - Wheel Bearing Covers

Scotland Badges for VWs - Cocos Kustoms






'One Eyed Duck' machined from aluminium

'One Eyed Duck' foor holding wipers on VW Safari Windows

Rothfink - Welsh Car Plate & Jacking Cap Covers for Type2 VW Bus

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