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Creative - Shot Blasting | ColourWorks

Creative – Shot Blasting

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Creative - Shot Blasting

Our Shot Blasting Services

  • Rust & Paint removal.
  • Cosmetic finishing.
  • Alloy & Steel Wheel Refurbishment.
  • Preparation for Painting or Powder Coating.
  • Based in the Scottish Borders.
Preparation for Shot Blasting

General Cleaning
Please ensure that the majority of the Oil & Grease is removed before we receive the work. We do not expect it to be spotless as we will steam clean items prior to blasting if necessary.

All prep work is carried out by us from blanking of threads and protection of parts that need to be free of grit. We do ask though to remove bearings & bushes where possible.

Where it is critically important to blast components carefully, you should inform which components or areas need to kept as free of blasting media as possible.

In the case of Motorcycles with oil in frames all inlet & outlets should be protected to any ingress of grits during the blasting process, this also includes oil tanks.

All oil should be flushed out and left clean before reaching us.

Disassembly of Component Parts
In the case of a frame subject to a restoration which includes grit blasting, the frame must be disassembled to the same specification as a newly manufactured item.

All brackets must be removed and any associated components–such as the swing-arm and stands.

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Removal of Decals
Decals and tape (even the residue glue from below a piece of tape) will stop the grit from acting on the frame’s metal, and must, therefore, be completely removed. These can be removed by use of a paint stripping heat gun.

We have a selections of silicon plugs. These plugs are ideal for sealing the head-stock bearing and swing-arm bearing locations. Any unsealed tubes should also be sealed to ensure that grit does not build up inside a frame rail, for instance.

Refit Bolts and/or Nuts
Wherever a component has been bolted to a frame for example, there will invariably be a mounting hole. If components are to be replaced with new items the old components can be used to protect areas from blasting & coating. For example old bolts or bottom brackets can be replaced into their original location, this will also help yourself considerably when reassembling, aiding the identifying the type of many bolts and nuts used.

On Completion
Please note, once blasted, the surface has no protection and a thin layer of rust can form quickly on steel of cast iron parts. We can apply a coat of zinc rich primer to provide rust protection if required. This will incur an extra charge.

Our Shot Blasting Capabilities

Ventus P150 – Shot Blasting Cabinet.
Designed specifically for production applications where a high work output is required combined with optimum abrasive quality.

Enclosure – W x D x H: 1.50 x 1.30 x 1.18m

Work Envelope – W x D x H: 1.30 x 1.10 x 1.10m

We use high-purity Chilled Iron Grit, of various coarseness. It is used to clean and prepare a corroded or contaminated surfaces. It also provides an excellent method to prepare a surface before powder coating.

Pressure Fed Cabinet

Blast media is stored within a pressurised pot. When the pot is sealed, the blast media falls through a valve into a compressed air stream within the blast hose. It is then accelerated through the blast nozzle to impact upon the component.

Pressure fed hand blast cabinets are essential when removing heavy corrosion, tough coatings or when high production rates are required. Cleaning rates are up to 4 times the speed of a suction cabinet and are suitable for use with heavier, long life abrasives such as iron and steel shot.

However, the pressure and volume of abrasive can be readily adjusted to allow us to adopt how aggressive the cleaning process will be. Obviously, thinner or more delicate items would require a lower pressure to avoid damage. Please be aware that there are some parts not suitable for blast cleaning, such as thin body panels that can distort.

We are always happy to consult and offer advice.

Applications for Shot Blasting

Examples of Items we have Shot Blasted

  • Motor Cycle and Bicycle frames.
  • Car Parts & Motor Bike Components.
  • Alloy & Steel Wheels.
  • Garden Gates & Furniture.
  • Tools and Equipment.
  • Wood & Glass Distressing.
  • Marine & Boat items.
  • Agricultural items.
Contact the Workshop

Unit A – Station Yard

Traquair Road
EH44 6NJ
Scottish Borders

01896 833099 – 07799 472214 – 07766 805136

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Creative - Shot Blasting