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Creative - CNC Machining | ColourWorks

Creative – CNC Machining

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Creative - CNC Machining

Our CNC Machining Services

  • Ability to Machine most Solid Materials.
  • Accurately machine in 3D to 0.025 mm.
  • Producing Small Components.
  • Rapid Prototyping.
  • Detailed Engraving.
  • Based in the Scottish Borders.
CNC Machining

CNC Milling Machines are digitally automated via Computer Numerical Control (CNC). It is a machine tool used to machine solid materials. Movements are precisely controlled to less than 0.025mm.

Computer-Aided Manufacture

Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) means using machines that are controlled by computers. CAM is widely used across all sectors of industry, not just electronics.

All machines in CAM use computer numerical control (CNC): strings of numbers control the machine. The numbers provide all the commands needed: eg which direction to move, how fast, etc. These are normally stored in the machine as a program.

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Advantages of CAM and CNC
Compared to manual machines, there are several advantages to using CAM:

  • Speed & Efficiency.
  • Accuracy & Consistency.
  • Ability to machine Difficult Shapes.

The machines used for CAM need to be programmed. If a product has been designed using computer-aided design (CAD), computer software analyses the drawing and create the control program. This can save hours of manual programming time. This linking of CAD and CAM is called computer-integrated manufacture (CIM).

Engineering Prototype, Research and Development

HAAS Mini Mill is perfectly suited to one-off designs. There are many benefits to this approach. The prototype turn-around time is quicker, the product designers gain a clearer understanding of the manufacturing process. Consequently, changes can be incorporated into the final design, making it easier to manufacture.

Short Run / Rapid Response

HAAS Mini Mill enables ideas to get you up and running and helps proves the design. Once the product is established, it becomes much easier to justify an investment in full scale production.

Hobby or Business

Whether you’re rebuilding classic cars, building a custom motorbike, or creating a new innovative product. The ability to cut three-dimensional shapes in a wide variety of materials can be essential in realising your design or ideas.

Our CNC Machining Facilities

HAAS Mini Mill – CNC Milling Machine

CAPABILITY – Milling Aluminium, Steel, Wood etc

XYZ Axis – 406 x 305 x 254 mm

For More Information visit HAAS

HAAS Mini Mill

Haas Mini Mill is a vertical machining centre (VMC), meaning that the axis of the spindle is vertical. The cutting tools are mounted in the spindle’s cutting shaft. VMCs can do things that a lathe cannot, due to the shape of objects each can accommodate. Generally, lathes can machine a myriad of parts, but the core shape of the product must be cylindrical in nature.

However, VMC can work from and produce a wide variety of shapes and parts, including drilling, tapping, threading, engraving etc. 2.5D surfaces such as relief sculptures. Providing a cost-efficient alternative to most flat-surface hand-engraving work.

The Haas Mini Mill will machine parts safely and accurately, utilising a wide variety of tools that are held in the tool changer during operations and can be programmed to change automatically.

CNC milling centers are ideal solutions to everything ranging from prototyping and short-run production of complex parts to the fabrication of unique precision components.

Applications for HAAS CNC Mini Mill

Using a CNC Milling Machine, means that end-to-end design is highly automated.

We use the One CNC Computer Aided Design Program (CAD) to draw and design the required object prior to milling.

The One CNC Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) program, then interprets the CAD drawing to physically control the complex series of steps needed to produce the part.

This is highly automated and precise, producing an item that closely matches the original CAD design.

Virtually every type of material that can be drilled or cut can be machined by a CNC mill.

Although most of the work performed is done in metal. As with drilling and cutting, the proper machine tools must be selected for each material

  • Mounting Brackets
  • Small Individual Parts
  • Extremely Detailed Engraving
  • Bespoke Trophies & Plaques
  • Custom Parts for Cars – (Coco’s Kustoms)
  • Engraved Key Fobs
  • Cut Designs into Wood & Perspex
  • Assisted in Developing Prototypes – (Peachy Keen)
  • Custom Parts for Motorcycles
  • Replacements for Small Obsolete Parts

We can incorporate logos, line drawings and text in virtually any size or font.

Contact the Workshop

Unit A – Station Yard

Traquair Road
EH44 6NJ
Scottish Borders

01896 833099 – 07799 472214 – 07766 805136

See more examples on our dedicated Facebook page

Creative - CNC Machining